What number of content am I expected to produce daily?

The number of content to be produced will be discussed during the onboarding process. Note that
the more content you deliver, the higher your sales.

What information do you need from me to get started?

You are required to provide us with your Onlyfans and social media accounts details. When dealing
with our clients, we do not only focus on building their Onlyfans accounts. We also manage their
social media accounts. Your social media accounts are connected to your Onlyfans accounts,
Followers from your social media accounts, when given the right push, can quickly become your fans
on Onlyfans.

How much do you charge for your management services?

Our charges are based on percentage. Our job is to help you manage your account and ensure that it
is highly productive. We get a certain amount of percentage when you get paid.

How safe is my account information with you?

At Eclipse Talent Agency, your security is our top priority. Your account details are completely safe
with us; only management team members are given details of your account.

How do I communicate with my account manager?

You will be given a direct link to your account manager, preferably a WhatsApp number, where you
can easily communicate.

Please feel free to contact us for more questions; We are always available to support you.

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